Here is an overview of the hardware and software that I use. I am constantly refining my setup, so this page will serve as a living document.

Primary Editor

Editor Extensions

  • I use Settings Sync to keep my VS Code extensions backed up to Github, which is very useful when setting up a new machine. You can see my Settings Sync file with all of the extensions I use here.
  • Bracket Pair Colorizer 2 gives bracket pairs unique colors and makes it easier to follow code structure at a glance.
  • I use Better Comments to highlight different types of comments.
  • Debugger for Chrome and Firefox are helpful when debugging.
  • GitLens adds powerful Git features to VS Code. The line by line blame annotations are very useful.
  • Prettier is a great code formatter, and easy to configure.
  • Turbo Console Log is great for quickly adding informative comments when debugging with logging.


  • I use Brave as my main browser for all the goodness of Chrome with the addition of ad and tracker blocking, along with Firefox Developer Edition for testing and the excellent CSS tools.
  • I use Alfred for the plugins and workflows.
  • I use Slack and Telegram for communication.
  • Figma does everything I need from a design tool, and it's free for hobbyist use.
  • Spotify has recently became my music application of choice.
  • While I'm comfortable with using Git from the command line, I use Github Desktop and Sourcetree (for more advanced operations) as I prefer to use a GUI.
  • When I'm working on Backend code, I use Intellj IDEA and Datagrip for my database work.
  • I use the Adobe Creative Cloud suite for any image or video editing work I do.
  • I use Paste for searchable clipboard history, and accessing text/code snippets that I often reuse, I highly recommend this.
  • I use Magnet for managing my windows.
  • I use Karabiner-Elements for remapping my Magic Keyboard eject key to a forward delete key, and for allowing me to open the VS Code file search menu by double-tapping shift.


  • I use the built-in VS Code terminal for simple operations, but for anything more I use Hyper with a zsh shell.
  • I use the Powerlevel10k theme, it is very flexible and much faster than alternatives.
  • I use Z to quickly jump between project folders.
  • I use zplugin to manage my ZSH plugins.


  • My main development machine is a MacBook Pro 15" with Touchbar. This is a heretical opinion, but I am actually a fan of both the touchbar and the butterfly keyboard.
  • I use an Apple Magic Keyboard for its compact size, battery life, and lack of a numpad.
  • I use a MX Master mouse because I love the dynamic scroll wheel and side scrolling wheel.
  • My monitor is a Dell Ultrasharp 27" 4k, it has great image quality and colors for the price.
  • My headphones are currently Samsung Galaxy Buds which are great for convenience, but I am on the hunt for something better suited to use for video calls.

Other Gear

I am currently traveling the US while working so while I don't have any desk or chair recommendations for you, I do have other gear that I carry with me.

  • I use and highly recommend the Nexstand Laptop Stand. It securely holds my laptop while in use, and collapses nicely for carrying in my bag.
  • I carry my MacBook in a Leather Casion Sleeve.
  • My daily driver and carry on bag is a GoRuck GR1. It's a little pricey for a backpack, but I am a fan of sustainable products and it comes with a lifetime guarantee, plus it's the best backpack I've ever owned.
  • I carry a Sterkmann Tech Pouch in my backpack to hold my chargers, cables, batteries, and mouse on the go. It's amazing how much you can fit in the pouch while still keeping everything organized.
  • I carry a ZMI PowerPack 20000 for keeping my MacBook and other devices charged on the go.
  • I'm an amateur photographer and I carry a Sony a6000 mirrorless camera when hiking or exploring a new city. I also have an Insta360 One X that I use for recording myself during action sports.